Developing A Dialogue

1-Day Clinic (Ground & Ridden)

Find clarity in your communication & create more YES! moments. Start flowing together, keep your horse willing and motivated. If your horse doesn't always 'get' what you're asking? Or you argue over slowing down or speeding up? Let's get you on the same page! (Option for ground only OR ground/ridden).

Understanding Your Horse

Masterclass with Katrina Park (ND/BSc/MSc Equine Science)

Mental fitness is an essential component any effective training program. Join Katrina to discuss how to recognise and diffuse tension or anxiety, identify your horses learning style & how to create a happy and engaged mind to support a healthy engaged body! End the event with a LIVE demonstration & assess horses in real time!

An Alternative To Desensitisation

Masterclass with Katrina Park (ND/BSc/MSc Equine Science)

SATURDAY 13TH JANUARY - Join Katrina to discuss how to effectively develop self-confidence, stop the spooks, avoid the explosions & teach your horse how to respond instead of react. Followed by a LIVE demonstration assessing horses in real time!

Posture, Muscle & Movement

1-Day Clinic (Ground)

Evaluate & improve posture & movement. Understand your horse's body and train your eye for correct movement & muscle tone. Keep your horse comfortable & sound!

Connection & Confidence

1-Day Clinic (Ground)

Understand your horse, learn to listen & interpret body language & behaviour. Avoid conflict, resistance & tension in your training!

Find Your Feel!

2-Day Clinic (Ground & Ridden)

What's the correct amount of contact? What does that feel like? Address contact issues AND find more security in your seat!

Handling For Harmony

1-Day Clinic (Ground)

Introduce the essential building blocks for all aspects of safe & easy handling. From leading to basic boundaries, effective communication, tying up precursors & hoof handling.

Fresh Start!

8 Week Foundation Course (Ground)

Reset your relationship, problem solve body & behavioural issues or lay a solid foundation for a new, young or green horse. This course will present the key concepts essential for success, progress & consistency in your training.

Event location Nar Nar Goon, VIC, Australia - unless otherwise listed.

Email: [email protected]