Understanding Your Horse

Masterclass with Katrina Park (ND/BSc/MSc Equine Science)

  • Do you wish you knew what your horse was thinking?

  • Do you want to set you & your horse up for success?

  • Do you find it difficult to predict your horse's behaviours or how your training session will go?

  • Learn how to gather valuable information through observing your horse

  • Use this to effectively structure your training & maximise progress!

  • Create connection & emotional regulation for a happier, healthier horse!

Event Schedule

  • With complimentary refreshments & nibbles!

  • We'll talk about communication vs. control, effective information gathering, interpreting your horse's body language & facial cues, identifying your horse's learning style for optimal success.

  • We'll assess horses in real time!

Meet Your Trainer!

Owner/Founder Cadence Horse Training & Engaged Equines Katrina Park

Katrina has been involved globally in the equine industry for over 25 years, across the UK, US and Australia. With a professional and academic background in equine behaviour, physiology & rehabilitation her priority is helping horses & humans to better understand each other while developing & restoring optimal health, happiness & functional movement!