• Are you a compassionate horse owner struggling to find a training approach that REALLY resonates?

  • Are you worried you're failing your horse?

  • Do you have a young horse you've nurtured and want to make sure gets off on the right hoof?

  • Are you tired of making progress, only to end up back at square one? Or feel like you take two steps forward and three steps back?

  • Have you been told your horse is a 'lost cause', too dangerous, too much or not good enough?

  • Understand how YOUR horse thinks and learns and the WHY behind what they do.

  • Become a better listener, leader and partner.

  • Teach your horse how to manage their own mind and body, for confidence and consistency.

  • Bring both your learnings together to create the ultimate dream team!

Balancing body & mind, to optimise your training.


    Would you like your horse to work WITH you? Not just FOR you?


    Want to boost confidence in your partnership?


    Interested in keeping your horse sound in body & mind?


What's different about the Engaged Equines approach?

  • Individuality

    Not one-size-fits-all. Focusing on concepts rather than rules and improving problem solving skills in both horse and human make this approach suitable for success at any age, for any breed or discipline!

  • Compassion

    Your horse is not a machine! Yes, it's possible to respect your horse AND maintain safe & healthy boundaries!

  • Consistency

    Each event & class has been carefully curated to provide valuable and actionable pieces of the training puzzle that stay consistent across ground, in-hand and ridden training, minimising confusion, maximising progress!

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Before I began coaching & educating I spent years being taught by horses!

My name is Katrina Park and having been involved academically and professionally in the equine industry for over 25 years, I have met horses through many different avenues, including research and rehabilitation, across multiple continents. When I began training specifically, I learned how this knowledge across so many areas linked together but exercising simple traits like patience, humility and empathy always yielded the best results. I worked mostly through feel and avoided teaching because I didn't want to simply prescribe exercises and fixes, being very aware this was not a realistic version of training. I didn't want to short change the horses or the people, so I set to work on contemplating and articulating the HOW and WHY, not just the WHAT. ENGAGED EQUINES was born out of this and my goal is to provide hope, support and guidance to anyone willing to see the best in their horse and themselves and wanting to create the best version of their partnership!


Straight from the horse's mouth!

The training is so different...

Marita & Lady

...and the comments on Lady’s body after being worked correctly have been amazing! We had issues that needed attention but I knew could only be resolved with patience and understanding. Katrina is professional, knowledgeable and caring, highly recommend!


Kim & Cleo

I was nervous about taking my mare out as she can be quite challenging but I have never had someone read and help my horse so quickly! The change in her was amazing! The other clinic attendees were so supportive and Katrina patiently invested time in every person and their horse, adapting to everyone, no matter where they were at in their journey. It was amazing watching every combination learn and grow as a team. I cannot wait to see what we learn next!

I am a changed handler and rider!

Angelique & King

The results from these teachings have been enjoyable to experience, most rewarding, and such a worthy investment, I am a changed handler and rider & King is a changed horse as a result of Katrina’s excellent ability to educate and help us achieve understanding, trust, harmony, and work willingly as a confident team. We have now reached our goal of riding out on the trails again! King is relaxed, responsive and rarely evades, but should a situation arise, Katrina has equipped me with the tools to read and correct him in a timely manner and move on. King is proof that a horse with behavioural problems can change with the right guidance & when the communication between the handler and horse is clear, concise and consistent. I can park King anywhere, he stands still when I mount and self-loads onto the float. Nowadays, I feel so confident and safe that I ride him bareback in a halter around the property. Katrina’s natural ability to understand and communicate with a horse and predict responses is outstanding, we are so fortunate to have found you!

Never have I seen such amazing results!

Brooke & George

I have used many trainers and methods and been around horses my whole life, never have I seen such amazing results. I recommend this approach to anyone wanting a truly beautiful, soft, relaxed, educated horse. Not only does George now know the basics of being a little dressage horse (you found the inner warm blood in him!) but he is so confident in himself.

My mare's performance has improved out of sight!

Jane & Dolly

All her paces show a huge improvement, the new over-track she has and the three beat canter that has replaced the nervous run she had previously and her musculature really shows the difference between how she was working before and now. I can't thank Katrina enough for the improvement in my girl - the best part is that Dolly is now so much happier around humans, on the ground or under saddle. I wholeheartedly recommend.

Clydesdales, Warmbloods, Brumbies, Thoroughbreds, Haflingers, Paints...

Linda & Ernie

From starting under saddle to fixing 'problems' Katrina's methods work! I highly recommend her to anyone, she's excellent at teaching ground and ridden work - from Clydesdales, Warmbloods, Brumbies, Thoroughbreds, Haflingers, Paints....the list goes on and on and on! I have thoroughly enjoyed the work with my own horse and seeing all types of horses progress!

Creating calm horses and riders...

Robyn & Ollie

Katrina has empathy for both horse and rider. Her ground work is second to none and attention to detail spot on. All this creates a calm horse and rider who can achieve their best on the day.

Clinics are AMAZING!

Sarah & Frankie

Can't recommend Katrina's methods highly enough! She has such a wonderful way with horses and her clinics are AMAZING! Highly recommended!

The best space for you and your horse.

Jill at Angel Lodge Equine Guardians

Fantastic, from the first clinic we did, our ground work and ridden lessons. It’s so clear from the first moment it’s the best space for you and your horses needs. Can’t recommend more highly.

Building the perfect relationship...

Serina & Cadbury

Cadbury is now a confident, calm and happy horse who is a pleasure to ride. Katrina's techniques are kind, correct and set the horse up to succeed and gain confidence. She gives support and encouragement to build the perfect relationship between horse and rider.

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