• Reset your relationship or set your horse up for success!

  • Resolve behavioural issues by addressing the root causes

  • Uplevel your training by identifying & filling in any gaps

Take a look at your training from a fresh perspective!

  • Want to understand WHY your horse does what they do?

  • Want a horse that works WITH you not just FOR you?

  • Want to give your horse the best start? Or unravel past issues?

Be an advocate for your horse, improve your problem solving skills & become the trainer you want to be!

  • Connection

    Create effective communication to better understand your horse, avoid resistance & bring out their best!

  • Confidence

    Develop essential emotional regulation, processing skills & shape responses to pressure.

  • Carriage

    Promote positive posture & better balance for soundness in body & mind.

What you'll get!

Get the support & guidance you need with regular practicals, check-ins & daily access to your trainer via the community group!

  • FIVE x 3hr in-person group sessions!

    Join Katrina and the rest of your small focus group to install and practice your SIX KEY ground concepts! Catch up & socialise with your support group over refreshments & nibbles!

  • FOUR x 45min Catch-up calls

    Explain the value your additional content will bring to a student's overall learning experience. Use this opportunity to sell potential students on the extra benefits your bonus material provides.

  • Online Access

    Additional content & support. Share your progress, gain clarity & have your questions answered. INCLUDES BONUS CONTENT!!

What we'll work on...

These key concepts are the ESSENTIAL BUILDING BLOCKS for creating clarity & consistency in your training!

Start your new journey!

...and become the team you've dreamed of, in

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

Meet Your Trainer!

Owner/Founder Cadence Horse Training & Engaged Equines Katrina Park

Katrina has been involved globally in the equine industry for over 25 years, across the UK, US and Australia. With a professional and academic background in equine behaviour, physiology & rehabilitation her priority is helping horses & humans to better understand each other while developing & restoring optimal health, happiness & functional movement!