• Learn how posture & personality affect communication

  • Master the art of adaptability & compromise to strengthen your connection

  • Balance body energy & body control to find fluidity & create harmony

Clear the static & create a better connection to you AND your aids!


  • You're always having to fix your horse's body position

  • You argue with your horse about slowing down or speeding up

  • Your horse doesn't always 'get' what you're asking or you have to repeat yourself frequently

  • Want to work as a team, with fluidity and ease and allow your horse to say 'YES' more often!

Event Schedule

  • Check in 15 minutes before event starts. Talk & Demo - Effective communication from the ground. The influence of posture and personality, common mistakes and tips!

  • Ground Sessions - Connection & Communication. Directing without disconnecting, identifying where your horse needs support and how to implement this effectively.

  • Ridden Sessions (option for second ground session) - Connection & Energy. Are you and your horse on the same page? Find a better way to move together.

$349 (with horse), $149 (without horse) *spaces strictly limited to provide a personalised experience.

All inclusive! Includes morning tea, lunch & facility fees!

Meet Your Trainer!

Owner/Founder Cadence Horse Training & Engaged Equines Katrina Park

Katrina has been involved globally in the equine industry for over 25 years, across the UK, US and Australia. With a professional and academic background in equine behaviour, physiology & rehabilitation her priority is helping horses & humans to better understand each other while developing & restoring optimal health, happiness & functional movement!