...and the answer to these questions & more!

  • What's the right amount of contact?

  • What does that even feel like??

  • Lacking stability or security in your seat?

Rein pulling, head tossing, hard mouth?

... Understand and resolve these issues and more!

  • Explore how contact both influences & mirrors the body

  • Learn remedial bridle work for relaxation & tension release

  • Find softness & security in your seat

What you'll get!

  • 2 x days of coaching!

  • Small focus groups for maximised learning!

  • Yard, camping & facility fees, lunch & refreshments ALL included!

$599 (with horse), $124 (per day, without horse)

All inclusive! Includes morning tea, lunch & facility fees!

Meet Your Trainer!

Owner/Founder Cadence Horse Training & Engaged Equines Katrina Park

Katrina has been involved globally in the equine industry for over 25 years, across the UK, US and Australia. With a professional and academic background in equine behaviour, physiology & rehabilitation her priority is helping horses & humans to better understand each other while developing & restoring optimal health, happiness & functional movement!